The Avenue

This 1880’s terrace called for an update that would respect its grand heritage and uplift the spaces, revealing its beauty and creating new moments of joy. Respecting the original architecture, the success of this project relied on our ability to marry a modern family life lived within old walls with a timeless style executed in a contemporary fashion. Once a boarding house, some rooms were stripped back, while others were repurposed to provide a study, master robe, ensuite and bathroom. Our collaboration with the architect, Tom Ferguson, led to the design of new openings in the kitchen extension, and the important integration of new exterior forms with the existing envelope.


Interior Architecture, Furnishing, Object and Art


Tom Ferguson


Anson Smart


Winner 2014 Australian Interior Design Awards AIDA Residential

Winner 2014 Interior Design Excellence Awards IDEA Residential

Winner 2014 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards Residential

Finalist 2014 INSIDE World Festival of Interiors (in collaboration with TFAD)