A Painterly Approach

It was a chance encounter with another project by Arent&Pyke that encouraged the owners of this federation home in Sydney’s Inner West to embark on a journey of transformation for their own home. The client’s passion for colour, texture and art, and compelled by the depth of character and soul seen in other Arent&Pyke homes, they engaged Arent&Pyke to bring their own home to life.

What originated as a richly textured furnishing scheme quickly blossomed. Inspired by Arent & Pyke’s proposal for a series of astute ‘design interventions’, the client expanded the commission to encompass interior design.

Hue House is a celebration of colour and materiality, manifested through a series of ‘lightweight’ design manoeuvres that were subtle in their intervention, but with great impact.

take a look inside..

With particular attention paid to the kitchen, living and dining spaces as well as the Master Bedroom, Arent & Pyke blended new and vintage furnishings with custom-designed pieces.

Colour and texture is layered in a painterly fashion, building beauty, comfort and character into functional, useable spaces. The role of materiality is equal to both furniture and furnishing, enriching each space as paint might upon a canvas.

What began as a largely decorative brief morphed into a brief that called for modifications to furniture, lighting, sculpture, art, and original joinery elements that encouraged greater function, usage and above all enjoyment of the space. The end result is a home that feels layered, textural and deeply personal.


Special thanks to Karen, Bill and Dale (the Jack Russell)