Garden House Family

As designers the most rewarding moment is to experience a home filled with the final layers that bring joy – food, flowers, music, aromas, and laughter. Our Garden House was a special collaboration working with our clients Margo and Ewan, and Margo’s sister Polly Harbison. Throughout the project we egged each other on to create something very special, and worthy of celebrating together.

Gathering together to share a meal, and enjoy the home and garden together, we reminisced about our first meeting, where ideas were bounced around and the excitement quickly grew as we realised the possibilities of the site, and the combination of our interiors with Polly’s architectural style to create a truly unique home.

At Garden House, there is such beauty in simplicity. The garden is the hero, and its colours inspired the interiors. The home evokes the romance of another time and place, the enjoyment of simple pleasures - shared meals, rest and connection with nature.

That same romantic ideal, of a life of simple pleasures, translated to our menu for the day, with beautiful flowers, ripe fruit and the best fresh produce. These are everyday pleasures - filling fruit bowls, bringing flowers home from the market.

The success of a project is much deeper than the aesthetic outcomes. Everything we do is to create visceral joy. And on this special day, we were able to share that experience first hand with the Garden House family.


  • Interior Furnishing and Decoration - Arent&Pyke
  • Architecture - Polly Harbison Design
  • Landscape - Tom Ellicott
  • Photography - Anson Smart
  • Styling - Steve Cordony

Special thanks to Margo, Ewan, Polly and family. Thank you also to Lee Mathews.